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Home Shifting
Home Shifting
Charges Starting from
Rs. 10,000
office shifting
Office Shifting
Charges Starting from
Rs. 15,000
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Car Shifting
Charges Starting from
Rs. 10,500
Bike Shifting
Bike Shifting
Charges Starting from
Rs. 4,000
Storage Services
Storage Services
Charges Starting from
Rs. 400

Packers and Movers in Jodhpur Are Available At Reedial

Packers And Movers In Jodhpur

Reedial- One Stop Solution For Hiring Packers And Movers Service In Jodhpur

There are several packers and movers services available in Jodhpur. It would be best to search online or ask for recommendations to find a reputable and reliable service. Or you contact Reedial- the packers and movers aggregators in Jodhpur.

It's also a good idea to check reviews and get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. You can also search on Google for packers and movers in Jodhpur to get more options.

Services Offered By Packers and Movers In Jodhpur Packers and movers typically offer a range of services, including:

Packing: Professional packers carefully pack all of your belongings using high-quality materials to ensure they are protected during transit.

Loading and unloading: Movers load your belongings onto the moving truck and unload them at your new location. Transportation: Movers transport your belongings to your new location using a moving truck. Unpacking: Some packers and movers also offer unpacking services, which can be helpful if you don't want to deal with the hassle of unpacking everything yourself. Storage: Some movers also offer short-term and long-term storage options for your belongings. Insurance: Many movers offer insurance options to protect your belongings in case of damage or loss during transit. International Moving: Some movers also offer services for international moving, which can include customs clearance and logistics. Office relocation: Some packers and movers also offer office relocation services, which can include everything from packing and moving office furniture and equipment to disconnect and reconnecting computers and other electronics.

It's important to check with the company what all services they are providing and choose the one which suits your needs. If you don’t want to take that many steps, contact Reedial- we’ve hundreds of verified and licensed packers and movers service in Jodhpur.

Hire Packers And Movers In Jodhpur- Reedial

Jodhpur is a city in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the second largest city in the state and is known as the "Blue City" due to the blue-painted houses in the old part of the city. Jodhpur is also referred to as "Sun City" because of its bright and sunny weather throughout the year.

The city is home to several historic landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Mehrangarh Fort, which is one of the largest forts in India and offers a panoramic view of the city. Other notable landmarks in Jodhpur include the Jaswant Thada, a cenotaph built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, and the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is one of the largest private residences in the world and is now a luxury hotel.

Jodhpur is also known for its traditional handicrafts, including textiles, pottery, and metalwork. The city is a hub of Rajasthani culture and is famous for its food, particularly its traditional sweets and savouries.

Jodhpur is well connected to the rest of India by air, rail, and road. It is also a popular stop for tourists visiting Rajasthan, with many tour operators offering packages that include a visit to Jodhpur. In the city of Jodhpur, if you’re looking for packers and movers, Reedial can help.

Points To Consider While Choosing Packers and Movers Service In Jodhpur When choosing a packers and movers service, there are several important factors to consider: Reputation: Look for a company that has a good reputation in the industry, and check for customer reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the quality of service they provide. Insurance: Make sure the company offers insurance for your belongings to protect them in case of damage or loss during transit. Experience: Choose a company that has experience in the type of move you are making, whether it's a local move, long-distance move, or international move. Licensing and Certification: Check if the company is licensed and certified by relevant authorities and industry organizations. Cost: Get quotes from multiple companies and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal. Here Reedial can help. Be wary of any company that quotes a price that is significantly lower than others. Services: Make sure the packers and movers service in Jodhpur offers all the services that you need, and ask them if they are providing any additional services like packing, unpacking, loading and unloading etc. Communication: Good communication is essential for a smooth move, so choose a company that is responsive and easy to get in touch with. Professionalism: Look for a company that is professional in its approach and has experienced and well-trained staff. Flexibility: check if the company is flexible in their schedule and can accommodate your moving date.

Additional services: check if the company is providing additional services like storage, transportation, and logistics.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you are choosing a reputable and reliable packers and movers service in Jodhpur that will provide you with a stress-free move.

How Packers And Movers Service In Jodhpur Fool People?

Packers and movers can fool people in several ways, some of which are: Lowballing the quote: Some companies may give an estimate that is much lower than the actual cost of the move and then charge additional fees once the move is underway.

Hidden fees: Some companies may charge additional fees for services that were not included in the initial quote, such as packing materials or fuel surcharges.

Damaged or lost belongings: Some companies may not take proper care of your

belongings during the move, resulting in damage or loss.

Delayed delivery: Some companies may delay the delivery of your belongings, causing inconvenience and additional expenses.

Not providing insurance: Some companies may not provide insurance for your belongings, leaving you liable for any damages or losses that occur during the move.

Not providing proper packing: Some companies may not provide proper packing materials or may not pack your belongings properly, resulting in damage during transit.

Not providing the promised service: Some companies may not provide the service that they promised in their quote or contract, leaving you with a move that is not done to your satisfaction.

Not providing proper documentation: Some companies may not provide proper documentation for the move, such as a bill of lading, which can make it difficult to track your belongings or file a claim if something goes wrong.

It's very important to do your research, check the background, reviews and ratings of the company before finalizing the deal to minimize the risk of getting fooled.


What should I do to prepare for my move?

To prepare for your move, you should start by decluttering and getting rid of any items you no longer need. You should also start packing non-essential items well in advance of your move date.

Additionally, you should make arrangements for utilities and services to be disconnected and reconnected at your new location.

How do I choose a reputable packers and movers service?

To choose a reputable packers and movers service in Jodhpur, you should do your research and check for customer reviews and testimonials. You should also check for licensing and certification, and make sure the company has experience in the type of move you are making.

Additionally, you should get quotes from multiple companies and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

How do I pack my belongings for a move?

To pack your belongings for a move, you should start by gathering all the necessary packing materials, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. You should also make a packing plan and schedule, so you can pack your belongings in an organized and efficient manner.

Additionally, you should label all your boxes with their contents and the room they belong to, and make sure to pack your most valuable and fragile items separately. If you don’t want to do so, contact Reedial for packers and movers in Jodhpur.

What should I do if my belongings are damaged during the move?

If your belongings are damaged during the move, you should contact the movers immediately and document the damage. You should also take pictures of the damage and make a list of all the items that were damaged.

If the movers are liable for the damage, they will typically compensate you for your losses. Additionally, you should check if your belongings are covered by insurance.

How do I plan for the cost of a move?

To plan for the cost of a move, you should start by getting quotes from multiple packers and movers services, and compare prices. You should also factor in additional costs, such as insurance, packing materials, and storage. Additionally, you should budget for any unexpected expenses that may arise during the move, such as hotel stays or additional transportation costs.

It's also important to know about the different pricing models, like hourly, per weight or per volume, so you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Packers and Movers Charges in India

Moving Items / Distance

Up to 400 Km




Few Household Goods

5,000 - 10,000

7,000 - 12,000

8,000 - 15,000

9,000 - 18,000

Complete Home Shifting

12,000 - 22,000

13,000 - 25,000

14,000 - 26,000

15,000 - 30,000

1 BHK House

8,000 - 15,000

10,000 - 20,000

11,000 - 22,000

12,000 - 24,000

2 BHK House

10,000 - 18,000

12,000 - 25,000

14,000 - 24,000

15,000 - 28,000

2-3BHK House

12,000 - 22,000

13,000 - 25,000

15,000 - 28,000

18,000 - 30,000

3 BHK House

15,000 - 25,000

17,000 - 30,000

19,000 - 28,000

22,000 - 34,000

4 BHK House

17,000 - 28,000

18,000 - 32,000

18,000 - 32,000

28,000 - 42,000

5 BHK or Villa

20,000 - 30,000

25,000 - 40,000

24,000 - 38,000

36,000 - 48,000

Complete Home + Vehicle

14,000 - 26,000

15,000 - 30,000

18,000 - 38,000

20,000 - 42,000

Vehicle Only

3,000 - 5,000

4,000 - 7,000

5,000 - 9,000

6,000 - 10,000

Few Office Items

8,000 - 15,000

10,000 - 20,000

12,000 - 24,000

14,000 - 28,000

Complete Office

12,000 - 26,000

15,000 - 30,000

17,000 - 32,000

20,000 - 40,000

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