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Terms And Conditions

Even if our partner packers and movers take every safety measure possible before packing, you still need insurance to cover everything that may go wrong during shipment.

Unless the objects are covered by insurance, you are responsible for their safety. Any external damage must be noted on the packing inventory on the day of delivery. A wide variety of electronic gadgets, such as computers and stereos, fall under this category.

The user is highly encouraged to read and accept the terms and conditions before doing any business on or login onto our websites; if they do not, they should avoid using Reedial.

It is your obligation to check back often to be apprised of any revisions or alterations to the terms and conditions of the Reedial website, as they will be reflected on this page. Before making any purchases from us, users must agree to our terms and conditions.

Quotes and estimates are terms that are used interchangeably to describe the first, non-binding agreement between the Company and the Customer.

"Customer" means the person who signs up for service from the Company. Goods refers to the item(s) for which moving services are to be provided.

Coins, premium bonds, cash, bank notes, cheques, money orders, postal orders, national saving certificates, trip tickets, passports, securities, manuscripts, papers, jewels, and perishables are not among the items we relocate. Moreover, Reedial partner packers and movers also do not relocate crackers, explosives, chemicals, gas cans, battery acid, and combustible oils.

The Company's usual business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays), and during those hours, the Services are available.

Acceptance of the Company's moving estimate or quote to provide the services is required no later than 15 days following submission, after which it will be deemed withdrawn.

Customers are responsible for making duplicates of any documents related to vehicle transfers. It has to be shown, and it needs to be in the transferee's name or have the company's permission to be transferred under a different name. Remove any oil from the bike to avoid any accidents. There should be around 10–15 litres of oil/gas to handle during vehicle transport at the loading/unloading site.

The Reedial will collect any trash or unpacked boxes it deems to be company property. There will be an additional cost incurred if the customer wishes to retain the unpacking supplies for use in a local relocation.

After the quotation is approved, all of its terms are binding. The Company, without Customer input, will select how the services will be delivered; any changes to this method will need the agreement of both parties and would incur extra costs.

If the client cancels the contract, all payments already made toward confirmation or confirmation advances will be cancelled and not refunded.

Customer also undertakes not to assert any claim against any employee or agent of Reedial that imposes or tries to impose any liability on him connected to the Services. The customer further agrees to keep the Company blameless from any damage that may come from any such asserted claim.

No insurance will pay for repairs to the interior unless there is visible damage to the outside. There is a 3% premium for adding written coverage for electrical or mechanical breakdowns, excluding automobiles. For an additional fee, we provide packaging services in hardwood crates.

If Reedial is not given an opportunity to inspect the damaged property, the firm will not take responsibility for the losses. Regardless, the independent insurance broker will consider all claims submitted in writing.

Payment in full, including any applicable card fees, is required prior to packing or delivery. In certain cases, credit might be extended until the time of delivery. The company has the right to delay shipment pending receipt of all payments.

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